Search Engine Optimization

We Increase Your Profits & Grow Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role for clients in your area who are in need of your services, to link up with your business.  Many clients seeking your services have resolved to online platforms to be able to find an business of their choice. For your company to stay a step ahead of the competition, SEO is a vital component in becoming noticeable to these potential clients who are selecting between the many companies that have flooded the digital marketing platform.

The Framework for a Solid SEO Foundation

Our team of experts are focused on providing your business with a solid organic foundation, built with fundamental and practical marketing strategies in SEO that have continued to produce long-lasting results over the years. In addition to a well-functioning, attractive website, it is imperative for your business to be backed with a top position when it comes to organic search. It can often be very challenging for business owners to figure out how to climb the ranks.  Our firm knows exactly how to navigate around these challenges. Our goal at JLP is for your business to appear organically on Google’s number one page, when a potential client searches for your service(s) in their geographical area.

We Work Hard for Your Satisfaction

We are a client-centered organization, and we guarantee that the results achieved for our partnering clients are more than satisfactory; they are exceptional. We take an in-depth look at the industry’s marketplace and put together a plan for success in outranking and outperforming your top competitor.  The right marketing strategies will always bring clients to you. And at JLP Marketing Firm, we are focused on getting your name out there and making you be known.


Your business will find value in our team’s extensive expertise and knowledge, employing digital marketing plans that will enhance the number of clients finding your business. It’s about time you do away with a one-size-fits-all marketing approach and find a marketing agency that knows how to make you stand out. Together, we can optimize and build on what works.

Strategies We Employ

There are many factors that work together in the SEO wheel.  Our marketing firm knows just how to incorporate several strategies that are designed to improve your organic search ranking and put your firm ahead of the rest.  Some of these include:


  • On-Site SEO (optimizing elements located within your website):

    • Keyword research

    • Relevant content that is unique and authoritative - not littered with overuse of keywords and links, which make it spammy

    • Internal links

    • Site title tags, alt tags and meta descriptions

    • Mobile friendly


  • Off-Site SEO (optimizing external elements that work in favor for your website):

    • PBN - network of high-power websites of authority, used to build backlinks from

    • Guest post blogging

    • Citations