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Gorgeous websites that perform quickly don’t happen by accident. Pages require a ton of work behind the scenes and daily monitoring.

Our team builds sites from the ground up, relying on expert coding skills and writing unique content not found anywhere else.

Functional Websites that Convert Leads into Paying Clients

Generic web designers and ordinary page building just won’t cut it anymore. And gone are the days of flashy, expensive sites. Today’s users just want fast, simple layouts that give them the answers they need quickly. Slow load times, images that don’t work, and broken links all work against you. Not only will potential clients leave to go elsewhere, but Google’s search bots will flag all the issues your site suffers. That will just bury you under your competitors, all of which paid for the better website. Instead, our firm continues to offer sites that look great and perform even better. Stop wasting time and money with inexperienced advertisers and let us assist your brand.

Your company's website must be eye-catching to spark your potential client’s interest, but it needs to be more than pretty to get the job done.  It’s critical that the design of your webpage is not only attractive but serves the purpose of speed, efficiency, functionality and finally, mobile responsiveness.  We create and design web pages for our clients that are not only eye-catching, but also encompass unique key features that might be neglected by typical website builders. Our team at JLP is aimed at helping our clients have beautiful, responsive websites that will attract their targeted audience and assist in converting potential clients into paying clients.

Mobile Responsive Design

Over 60% of searches are done on mobile devices and this number will only increase as the years go by.  JLP is focused on providing our partnering clients with a state of the art web design that is visually appealing on the computer, smartphone, and tablet. Responsive Web Design (RWD) functions to allow for pages that are meant to be viewed on desktops, respond to the size of the device a client is using to see your web page.  The incorporation of RWD has a guarantee of enhancing the online presence of your business, while improving your website’s search ranking, as well. In addition to responsiveness, your site also needs to be very user-friendly for one to explore the call-to-action buttons on the page. 

AMP Ready Mobile Site

(Accelerated Mobile Page)

We ensure links are functional and phone numbers are visibly present throughout the page and are clickable. Meaning, when a client is searching on a smartphone, they are able to click the phone number and it will automatically dial the call. It may not sound like much, but this alone will dramatically increase your sales. A phone call is still the most preferred option of communication and with over 70% of people utilizing click-to-call features directly from search engine results, installing click-to-call buttons on your site is imperative to increased sales. Furthermore, over half of users say that if a business does not showcase a click-to-call phone number, they will venture on to explore other businesses that do.

The Importance of Well-Written Content

Quality content that is relevant and authoritative, goes a long way in complementing a beautiful web page and will most certainly increase the number of leads generated for your business.  While it is still important to stay on top of your on-page SEO and relevant keywords, it is a little known fact that content is becoming the main factor in your organic Google ranking.  Ways of the past were for marketers to stuff a web page full of spammy, keyword-rich content, with overdone SEO that served no purpose, other than to top the search ranks. Well, yesterday’s method no longer applies to the rules of today.  Google has shifted its focus to well-written, impactful, newsworthy content that the targeted audience will enjoy reading. At JLP Marketing, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with useful, appealing and productive web page content and designs that will complement the online presence of their business.

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