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Your official website is a crucial representation of your company. At JLP Marketing Firm, we are focused on ensuring that your website stays ahead of your competition. Through our innovative link building and management strategies, we optimize the traffic of potential clients to your website. Those who have implemented an effective backlinking plan have a higher ground, compared to their competitors who haven’t. JLP Marketing Firm is a partner for you when it comes to building links with other web pages that will complement your business.

What's the Main Factor in Ranking Organically?  - Backlinks

Link building is a marketing strategy that is as old as the internet, and a lot has changed in this venture. Proper use of link building for your website will make your web page more visible in search results. Initially, the process of backlinking was a piece of cake, as tools were available to submit article directories and in the end produce backlinks automatically. Eventually, Google introduced the Google Penguin algorithm and it revolutionized the process of building links.  Now, it requires skill and extensive time to be able to create links appropriately.

It’s All About the QUALITY, not QUANTITY

As a marketing firm that is up to date on all of the current trends, we have not only focused on the typical methods of getting links to your sites, but we have also gone out of our way to use high-powered and relevant links to enhance your presence on the internet. Our marketing firm has emphasized the two crucial aspects of link building, namely the quality of links and their relevance. Many of your competitors have mistakenly thought that the more links the better. They’re wrong. One or two highly authoritative and relevant links will easily overpower multiple low quality, irrelevant links any day. So, our goal at JLP is not to outnumber your competitor with backlinks. We want to outsmart your competitor with quality links that are niche specific to your company. Meaning, sites that are in the same niche as you, talking about your site. 

Over the years, our team has created relationships with the highest authority web hosts in the business today. Through our efforts of building these connections to these top blog and web hosts, we are essentially transferring all of their power onto your site. The result of doing this? Improved trust with Google and higher organic rankings. We pride ourselves on success and achieving results, hence we ensure that your links are diversified for you to stay on top on the rankings of organic search engines.

Incorrect Linking Is Harmful to Your Website

It is important to note that incorrect linking will actually harm your site and your rankings. It is unfortunately quite common for businesses to unknowingly trust a shady marketing agency that ruins their online presence with hundreds of spammy links. If this is the case, you want to get those bad links cleaned up as quickly as possible. Luckily, our team have the resources and skill to locate these bad links for you and remove them to restore your site’s credibility. In addition, we will create links that are of high quality and relevance, which will go a long way to establishing your company's website as an authority in the digital marketing space.

Our Link Management Services

Our team has perfected our strategies to include content, videos, guest blogging, among others that are designed to ensure that your link building works to your advantage. Contact us, and together, we can enhance the authority of your online presence through the appropriate use of link building and effective management.

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