Google Ads

We Increase Your Profits & Grow Your Business

Google Ads is one of the most advanced methods of marketing today, with immediate exposure and instant results.  It is an effective marketing tool that presents an excellent opportunity for both big and small businesses to promote their services and products.

Numerous businesses can significantly benefit from a strategically placed Google Ads marketing campaign and yours is no exception. This is especially true because most people turn to Google when they have a service issue.

Targeted Google Ads Campaign

98% of online searchers (or potential new clients) will select a business that is found on page one of Google. Thus, a well-executed Ad campaign will undoubtedly transform your business, by delivering you the quality leads and subsequently effective conversions you desire.  


Google Ads have several settings and target options that make them suitable for businesses such as yours.  However, as much as these tools are beneficial, they might be overwhelmingly complicated if you don’t possess the understanding and experience necessary. If a marketing campaign is launched without a proper plan or strategy, it will rapidly consume your marketing budget.

Relevance of search term matches

The importance of individualized ads per each search term is evident in that, no two searchers are alike or enter in the same exact search term.  For instance, for the niche of water damage restoration, one might enter in “water damage restoration” whereas another might enter in "flooding damage repair companies".  Due to the high intelligence of Google’s algorithms, it locates the most relevant ads, reflecting the closest or exact match of the key phrase that the searcher entered and it places those ads most visibly at the top of the page.  With our method, this means that we will have an ad devoted to both of those search terms to accommodate both of those potential clients, rather than just one.  So, whether the searcher types in "water damage restoration” or “flooding damage repair companies”, we will have an exact ad match that Google will find and place with the highest visibility, above all of the other ads.  

Our Proprietary 1-to-1 Google Ads Method

A specially targeted, 1-to-1 Google Ads campaign is a core marketing method that we employ here at JLP.  For every business that chooses to partner with us, we will create a customized Google Ads campaign, specific to their individual services and needs.  We create hundreds of laser targeted, keyword search terms and assign each one of those search terms to an individualized ad.  So, each of our campaigns contain hundreds of ads to improve the likelihood of visibility and relevance to the searcher or potential client.  

This has proven to be painstakingly time consuming for our team.  Our campaigns take, on average, 2-3 times longer to create compared to the campaigns of other marketing agencies.  However, it has proven to be well worth our time because our results are vastly superior and speak for themselves in the positive outcome and ROI that you will experience.  In contrast, most marketers you find will simply dump all of the keyword search terms into one single ad group.  Not only is this method is incredibly costly, it is also ineffective and unsuccessful, as well.  

One of our process improvement techniques was to develop a proprietary software for implementation of these time consuming, targeted campaigns.  This has served to be immensely successful for aiding in our time management, organization and efficiency.  Because of our unique methods and now groundbreaking software system, our marketing firm is second to none in delivering you outstanding levels of performance and satisfaction in your marketing outcome.