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Facebook Ads That Convert To Paying Clients

Facebook is used by millions of people across the world and can be an excellent platform to do digital marketing for your business.  This social media platform has become enormously powerful and can be a fantastic medium for promoting the image and brand of your company.  People are actively interacting on Facebook everyday and utilizing this network will only enhance the number of clients your business handles. JLP Marketing Firm is a titan in the area of Facebook marketing, and we have devised strategies to promote your business by creating ads, managing posts and monitoring feedback, while upholding the image of your company on social media.  

How Facebook Has Changed Marketing

People’s attention today is more on their mobile devices and Facebook feed, rather than TV or radio. So, if you’re not taking full advantage of Facebook ads as a part of your marketing plan, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to expand your client base. Now, Google still remains number one in lead generation. This is because when a potential client is in need of your services, that person will most likely seek out a Google search to find a local business. Whereas, when a person is searching through their Facebook feed, they are not usually looking for a service or a business. Instead they are seeking out photos and updates from their friends and family. However, many of these searchers will utilize both Google in addition to Facebook to try to find a local, trusted place of business. Therefore, when your company appears in both Google search as well as Facebook platform, you have an advantage in that client acquisition.

Facebook Marketing for Your Business

You may think that Facebook marketing is more for fitness chains, restaurants and apparel. It’s true, Facebook advertising is not as common as other marketing tools utilized by service professions such as yours. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not effective. If your company decides to engage in Facebook ads, it will serve to be a huge advantage over your competitors. Advancements in Marketing has reached new levels with Facebook’s pixel technology. This is a code placed on your website that allows for tracking conversions, ad optimization and re-targeting qualified leads, based off of website and Facebook activity. These strategies in combination with compelling ad creation are just some of the effective tools our marketing agency will implement to attract new visitors and potential clients to your business. Our team works diligently to achieve optimum results when it comes to Facebook business marketing for our partnering clients. Contact JLP Marketing Firm and together we can grow and enhance the Facebook presence of your business.