About JLP

We Increase Your Profits & Grow Your Business

JLP Marketing Firm, LLC is a small, privately owned digital marketing firm, based out of Chicago, IL.


Our company is dedicated to the highest-level of digital marketing strategies in the game today.


We specialize in effectively producing a significant increase in high-value clients to businesses (large and small) on a predictable and reliable basis.


We employ innovative and state-of-the-art strategies for marketing that have produced tremendous success and exceedingly positive ROI for our partnering clients. 


Jeff Pfeiffer

Co-Founder & CEO of JLP

Laura Pfeiffer

Co-Founder & COO of JLP


Who We Are

JLP Marketing Firm, LLC is a small, privately owned company, founded by Jeff and Laura Pfeiffer.  


We have emphasized our efforts in Google Ads Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ad Campaigns and Local Lead Generation.


Our marketing agency has partnered with various types of niches / businesses all over the US. Our efforts are able to generate a significant increase in high-profit client acquisition for your business on a predictable and reliable basis.


We employ innovative, and a state of the art strategies for marketing and tremendous success has been achieved over the years. We have developed a system of policies that will, without a doubt, make a significant impact on any business in any geographical location.

Our two boys, Brandon & Austin


The family / office dog, CJ

Our Business Model

Unlike most companies in the industry of marketing, our marketing firm has a business model that is built with a focus on a small volume of clients. For a long time, this approach has been a success and has been a crucial aspect in helping us to not only manage projects efficiently, but to also prevent competing against ourselves. To operate on the highest level of ethical integrity, we limit our services to only one type of niche per city. We are aimed at building valued relationships and partnerships with our clients. At JLP, we stand by the belief that transparency, trust and achieving long-lasting results with our projects are vital to strengthening partnerships in our dealings.

The Vision for JLP Marketing Firm

Our firm highly emphasizes the aspect of delivering beyond expectation and client satisfaction, a vision that has attracted loyal clients to the firm.  We have a reputation of generating exceedingly positive Return on Investment (ROI) to our partnering clients and contribute to their exponential business growth.

We have a team of experts that have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the marketing industry today. We have devised methods and strategies to help your business stand out from the rest and enhance it’s online presence in the market. We are aware that attracting more potential clients to your business can be an uphill task and it has been our mission to help our partnering clients increase their profits and grow their business to new levels through the efforts of our methods and policies.

Why We Stand Out From the Rest

At JLP Marketing Firm LLC, we have also ventured into developing an innovative software that improves speed, while reducing the cost of linking an online audience to our partnering clients. Our efforts as a marketing firm have not only been focused on the marketing aspects, but also on technology. We devoted time and money into how to come up with unique ways to deliver our services more efficiently to our partnering clients. Our software utilizes a Google Ads 1-to-1 Method and employs unique and practical approaches that enable us to achieve maximum success. We have an extensive understanding and expertise on how the Google Ads technology works and we have worked our way around to come up with the best ways to deliver our services.

In addition, we are able to laser target the type and quality of clients that we attract to your business. If you want to filter out certain types of lower-profit services or service areas, we know how to do that efficiently. Our unique system of policies will, without a doubt, make a significant impact on any business.